CBC’s The Fifth Estate Airs Program on the Tragic Death of Nik Zoricic

On Friday January 18, 2013, CBC’s The Fifth Estate aired a program titled ‘The Last Race’, which examined disturbing new details surrounding the high speed crash that killed Canadian World Cup Ski-Cross racer and medalist, Nik Zoricic.

Zoricic needlessly died during a fall at the finish line of a World Cup race held at Grindelwald, Switzerland in March 2012. While many have characterized Nik’s death as a “freak” accident, Zoricic’s lawyer, Tim Danson, maintains that such a characterization distorts the truth and does a serious disservice to Nik. Danson further maintains that the finish line of this race was a death trap and it is unacceptable that an athlete like Nik Zoricic can make a perfect landing, barely miss the finish line by one metre, and be killed for it.

To watch The Fifth Estate’s ‘The Last Race’ in its entirety, please click here


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Mr. Timothy S.B. Danson is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the International Bar Association, the Canadian and Ontario Bar Associations, The Advocates Society, The Toronto Lawyers’ Association and the Criminal Lawyer’s Association.

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