Zoricic Family Demands Independent Investigation

Just over one month ago, Nik Zoricic needlessly met his death during a World Cup Ski-Cross Race in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Nik was proudly representing Canada.

According to news reports, the official position is that all safety measures were in place; that this was a “freak” accident, and Nik was responsible for being off course.

This was no freak accident. The finish line of this World Cup event was a death trap. It is unacceptable that an athlete like Nik Zoricic can make a perfect landing, barely miss the finish line by one metre, and be killed for it.

All right thinking people would certainly agree that if you miss the finish line by a few feet, the result should be a disqualification – not death.

Below is raw footage of the crash analysis from today’s news conference:

Letter to FIS and Alpine Canada. Click on the image to download.

On Monday April 23rd, a letter was sent to the President of FIS and Alpine Canada.

We are asking FIS and Alpine Canada, with the full and active support of the Government of Canada through Sport Canada, as well as the Swiss authorities, to ensure that there is an independent investigation into this World Cup event and Nik’s death.

In return for a commitment to undertake an independent investigation into all the circumstances leading to Nik’s death, all legal options will be taken off the table.

We need everyone involved to come forward and speak honestly and frankly so that such a tragic outcome will never happen again. By taking all legal options off the table, people will be able to come forward and speak frankly and honestly without the fear of legal reprisal.

We have been contacted by four independent sources who we consider highly credible and reliable, who have told us that the authorities were warned prior to the race that the course was not safe. These concerns were apparently ignored. As a result, Nik is dead. These sources are afraid to come forward. They feel their careers will be over or detrimental affected. We must create an atmosphere that allows people to come forward and determine whether this information is true or false.

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