Tim Danson argues Sunday Shopping case in the Supreme Court of Canada

During the 1980s one of the more controversial and contested legal issues was the issue of Sunday shopping, a cause Mr. Tim Danson initially took on in 1982 on behalf of Toronto Furrier Paul Magder. At the time the overwhelming view was that Sunday shopping would never become a reality in Ontario. As the issue grew, Mr. Tim Danson represented more than 300 Ontario retailers. The case first reached the Supreme Court of Canada in 1985. Ontarians have enjoyed wide open Sunday shopping since June of 1992.

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Mr. Timothy S.B. Danson is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the International Bar Association, the Canadian and Ontario Bar Associations, The Advocates Society, The Toronto Lawyers’ Association and the Criminal Lawyer’s Association.

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